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Google Goggles – Wow!


I have a picture in my head of what the average entrepreneur is
like.  I’d guess pretty young (think Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.) living the
red beans and rice lifestyle and working 80+ hours a week and sleeping under
their desk.  On some parts, I’m probably right — but on many, I’m flat-out
wrong.  This is demonstrated by a recent report from the Kauffman foundation for
entrepreneurship.  The report is titled “The
Anatomy of an Entrepreneur”.  It’s based on a survey of 549 company founders
across a variety of industries (that’s my first mistake, as it turns out
entrepreneurs start companies other than Internet software companies —
who knew?)OnStartups Human Brain

In any case, here are some of the points from the report that I
found the most interesting.

1. The average and median age of company
founders when they started their current companies was 40.

2. 95.1 percent of respondents themselves had
earned bachelor’s degrees, and 47 percent had more advanced degrees.

3. Less than 1 percent came from extremely rich or
extremely poor backgrounds

4. 15.2% of founders had a sibling that previously started a business.

5. 69.9 percent of respondents indicated they
were married when they launched their first business. An additional 5.2 percent
were divorced, separated, or widowed.

6. 59.7 percent of respondents indicated they had at least one
child when they launched their first business, and 43.5 percent had two or more

7. The majority of the entrepreneurs in the
sample were serial entrepreneurs. The average number of businesses launched by
respondents was approximately 2.3.

8. 74.8 percent indicated desire to build wealth
as an important motivation in becoming an entrepreneur.

9. Only 4.5 percent said the inability to find
traditional employment was an important factor in starting a business.

10. Entrepreneurs are usually better educated
than their parents.

11. Entrepreneurship doesn’t always run in the
family. More than
half (51.9 percent) of respondents were the first in their families to launch a

12. The majority of respondents (75.4 percent) had worked as
employees at other companies for more than six years before launching their own

Which of the above surprises you the most and alters your mental model
of what entrepreneurs are like?

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Can Google phone succeed and beat iphone?

I think there will be a shake up in the smart phone market if Google produces a phone that is just comparable to the iphone but is “OPEN” to any carrier. I think google can transform the market by using what has made them successful to date. Give the phone away for the right to stream focused ads!

I think there is strong group of people tired of being tied to a carrier or not having the freedom to choose a carrier because they must compromise to get the best phone.

The next most important driver will be the applications. Open the platform. We don’t need Steve Jobs to filter for the phone. We’ve been using our computer for years understanding the risk of downloading software/apps.

Hey if Apple can create an amazing phone brand why can’t google?

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Whats with the dog banner?

Ok, ok…I have a Boston Terrier. His name is Masaki (my Japanese name). In a lot of ways he reminds me  of me. In other ways I admire him for traits I want to develop more like focus, passion, and tenacity. I thought my little buddy would be a good inspiration.

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Is Facebook clueless, unethical or just unlucky? Why?

Facebook proved again this week that they are either the most
unethical or clueless internet company in the world. An amazing
accomplishment since Facebook is also one of the most promising, and
certainly fastest growing, internet companies of all time.  Perhaps
I’m being hyperbolic (who me?), or maybe they are a little of both,
but the fact remains they screw up on important issues almost as if
it’s a “best practice” to do so.

When faced with a TOS (Terms of Service) or license the world has been
trained to hit the word “agree,” and click, click, click until they
get to the actual website or software they were trying to get to in
the first place.

Everyone in the industry knows this, and certainly a company built off
of studying social behavior like Facebook would. Since the ToS is
considered a formality, it is up to technology companies–in fact our
industry–to behave. If we don’t behave well then we are going to get
regulated by clueless politicians and policy makers. That would suck
for everyone.

For the rest of the story….from Jason Calacanis

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Internet Startup Business

What a great country we live in…one that guarantees the pursuit of happiness.

I still believe in the American Dream. Its funny how people tell us to do what we are passionate in but perhaps we would be better off being a doctor or lawyer even though that might not be our passion…but it will make more money.

What bull…in this country and now with the internet, there is no reason not to pursue our passion and make money doing what we really love. It’s not a myth but you do have to hustle. Noticed I didn’t call it work. It’s not if you like what you do…

Skill versus Passion

We go to school and college to develop skills so we can  find a “good job” to work in a system that we have no control over or worse no passion for…but we are skilled.

What a waste of potential! You see, if your passionate about something you’ll work 18 hours a day and it will feel like fun.

If your skilled you work 8 hours a day to get to that 3-4 weeks of vacation. (or to get to the weekend)

Maybe while your on the beach resting from the job you hate, maybe you will have time to also do something your love to do? Oh by the way while your on vacation from your skilled job, I’m passionately taking advantage of the opportunities that you are missing.

The Rat Race (The definition of Insanity)

Crazy, ever feel like your in a exercise wheel going no where fast? Your not going anywhere but you generating power for the little generator the wheel is hooked to that is powering the machine.

The same machine that you hope you can get enough benefits from each year to get by and support your family…pay check to pay check.

Share you passion here, recharge, or charge up. Help me create a community of supporting like minded high energy individuals.

Combining the new opportunities that are being provided for FREE from the internet and the drive to get of the Bitch Train.

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