Posted by: o2le | December 14, 2009

Internet Startup Business

What a great country we live in…one that guarantees the pursuit of happiness.

I still believe in the American Dream. Its funny how people tell us to do what we are passionate in but perhaps we would be better off being a doctor or lawyer even though that might not be our passion…but it will make more money.

What bull…in this country and now with the internet, there is no reason not to pursue our passion and make money doing what we really love. It’s not a myth but you do have to hustle. Noticed I didn’t call it work. It’s not if you like what you do…

Skill versus Passion

We go to school and college to develop skills so we can  find a “good job” to work in a system that we have no control over or worse no passion for…but we are skilled.

What a waste of potential! You see, if your passionate about something you’ll work 18 hours a day and it will feel like fun.

If your skilled you work 8 hours a day to get to that 3-4 weeks of vacation. (or to get to the weekend)

Maybe while your on the beach resting from the job you hate, maybe you will have time to also do something your love to do? Oh by the way while your on vacation from your skilled job, I’m passionately taking advantage of the opportunities that you are missing.

The Rat Race (The definition of Insanity)

Crazy, ever feel like your in a exercise wheel going no where fast? Your not going anywhere but you generating power for the little generator the wheel is hooked to that is powering the machine.

The same machine that you hope you can get enough benefits from each year to get by and support your family…pay check to pay check.

Share you passion here, recharge, or charge up. Help me create a community of supporting like minded high energy individuals.

Combining the new opportunities that are being provided for FREE from the internet and the drive to get of the Bitch Train.


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